A couple of years ago a coworker of mine told me that her daughter was on her way to work in Harlem. She happened to see a paper bag on the sidewalk and nobody noticed that the bag was moving. She picked it up and found a newborn Pit Bull puppy that was apparently abandoned to die. Although the daughter tried to raise the pup she was not able to give it the proper attention and I was asked if I wanted her. We already had 3 dogs and I was all for it and after explaining it to my better half we told her yes! We named her Kali, which is the name for the Hindu Goddess of destruction (my lady found that name – I’m a Spot/Snoopy type) and is somewhat fitting since Kali has an appetite for footwear (what woman doesn’t?). She has completely won our hearts and is the sweetest and most affectionate pup in the bunch that we have. We are blessed to have her!

Tom from NY