As most of us know in many cases we will out live our beloved animal companions.

The pain and loss of their passing, sometimes sudden, is very difficult to absorb.

Josh was a friend, a confidant, a partner, kind and most of all one of the most beautiful male companions inside and out that a women could ever want (don’t tell my husband). His ability to “be with me” helped me to keep my life in perspective.

He seemed to have a grasp of what was truly important in life and I know for certain that he lived his short life to the fullest. The wag of his tail, his eagerness to please, his consideration to my 1st grandson when he came home from the hospital and his way of never knowing a stranger is missed by all.

As for me I can only do what Josh showed me so many times and that was to put one foot in front of the other regardless of what left has presented and someday you will realize that the sun is shining again—he will forever live in my heart .

For the love of Animals,

Judi from NC