Jody’s story

Mark, I currently have a dog & a cat. I acquired my new cat after one who was 19 passed away! It was just awful! Early one morn she started yelping in pain & I got an appointment @an emergency vet. They said she had a blood clot & I needed to let her go. I held her & thanked her for all the years she’d been so excellent to mje & bawling, I said goodbye.

When my boxer was about 12 & barely able to get up anymore, we HAD to put him down. My husband & I had just separated & I kept putting it off. We actually spent his last night together so we could BOTH take him in the morn. What was awful was that WHOLE WEEK, it was the LAST time we’ll walk here, the LAST night, the LAST…… When we got there the vet asked if we wanted to stay after the shot was administered & we did. I could barely get up off the floor. I got it together to walk out thru the vet office & then collapsed against my car. THANK GOD my ex was w/me!!

I TRULY beleieve it’s better to have something happen last minute than HAVE TO PLAN IT!!!!!! I TOTALLY SYMPATHIZE w/ALL you’ve been thru & look forward to reading your book! God bless you!,
A Loyal Listener,’
Jody from Maryland