mark,just wanted to share with you that for a long time my wife and i decided not to get a dog because of us being so busy,however about two weekes ago we took in a dog that was our daycare providers knowing that the kids would love her so we took jenny into our home and at the same time there was a stray kitten that kept coming to our porch,my wife told God that if it kept coming that she would care for it so we cleaned up its eyes (that were all matted) and took it to the vet getting its shots and now mater (the kittens name because of the movie cars and the closeness to our last name) is now living with us and he and jenny get along great,they sleep and eat together and have a great time.also wanted to share that my best friend is a mail carrier and brings home stays all the time.I know they have lost many of thier dogs and i know its hard on them but he will continue to bring them home out of love. thanks Mark.

Ken from Kansas