This is a story about my dog named Jasper. We think he is a Shepard/Lab mix, absolutely the most beautiful dog in the world. Jasper is now 8 and is struggling with Cataract’s and Arthritis.

One a more random note, when I first met my girlfriend, she and I were taking about our dogs and I had mentioned my dog Jasper, and she quickly turned to me and said to me, “How did you know my dog’s name?” It turned out that we both had dogs named Jasper; it was one of many fateful coincidences in our relationship.
Jasper is seen as the protector of our family, he is the pride and joy of me and my parents and brothers and sisters. We all adore Jasper!

One night, when I was away at college, I received a call from my mother late one evening. She seemed startled and a little beyond herself. She told me that the previous night, Jasper was restless. He would not stop whining and crying. She checked on him to see what he was so fidgety about. He seemed ok, she thought he was achy from his arthritis and she went back to bed. Again, Jasper persisted and continued his odd behavior. My mother then went downstairs to check on my brother who was sleeping, he was fine. She checked on my father, who was sound asleep and sawing logs as usual. She then checked all the doors to ensure that they were indeed locked. She then thought well what about Ba (A nickname for my sister) who has a rare condition called Prader Willy’s Syndrome. The condition does not allow my sister to break down complex carbohydrates and so she has a very restricted diet and sleeps with a respirator. As I think of the situation I always get chills when thinking about this. My mom did not think to check her room until the second time. When she walked into her room, her machine was beeping and the cord was wrapped around her neck. Jasper knew that my sister was in trouble and he did everything he could to make sure that my mother would check on her. I have no doubt in my mind that Jasper truly is an Angel…He saved my sister’s life.

When all was done, Jasper nonchalantly laid back down and went to sleep.

Thank you for allowing me to tell my story!

Adam from TX