I have a bit of an opposite take on the story. My father was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and was only expected to last 2-3 months. He and my mother bought a dog around this time. Because of the dire situation that my dad was in, Jasmine was allowed to visit him in the Oncology Department on a daily basis. He lasted over a year and a half! To this day, Jasmine has enormous seperation issues. Everytime that she senses that someone is leaving she hides and pouts! Everytime someone comes home she is ecstatic! I did not live at home while this was happening, but she goes nuts everytime i come home to Mom’s house. I cannot think of a better feeling that I’ve had in my life at the moment. I guess the point is that we not only feel the loss of the “pet” but they feel the loss of us as well! That is where I see the the Lord’s Hand in this! By-the-way, I cried during your segment and plan to buy my Mom the book for Christmas. And borrow it from her when she’s done!

Benjamin from Wisconsin