I am so touched with your story about Sprite. We dog lovers can only know of the loss one suffers when a pet dies. We have lost a few over a lot of years. They all died mostly of old age. We now have one left (a Bichon) who has diabetes, so we give him his insulin and watch what he eats. It is a real commitment. We do not go anywhere and leave him bording someplace. We stay home. Jake had cataract surgery last January as he was going blind. He now sees so well. What a blessing that they can do all of these things for dogs. But like Sprite, there are just some things that can’t be reversed. I am going to get your book at the library when it is there. I know I will cry when I read it. We are true conservatives also who do not lack compassion. Keep up the good work. Bless you and your family and your two dogs.

Anne from Virginia