Jackson, Jill, and Rebel

Last year we lost Jackson and Jill to old age related ailments and when I heard about your book, I just had to order it. It really takes a long time to recover from the loss of our much beloved friends and I knew after listening to you, talk about Sprite, that I wasn’t the only one that felt so deeply about a beloved friend Well, this past Monday, I lost Rebel. He’s over the RAINBOW BRIDGE (Thank you, Heather from OR). Anyway, Rebel was a BLM Mustang, that I adopted in 1980. He was just a baby, lost and scared. It didn’t take him long to realize that we were his new family. He came around and soon my two boys were riding him around. I had to make them tee shirts that said “I was bucked off by a wild Mustang” because you never knew when Rebel would take a few quick steps to the right or left and one of the boys would be laying face down in the sagebrush. So when they got back up on Rebel, they would get a star inked on their tee shirts. Eventually, he became the best horse anyone could have. So, twenty-eight years later, when one morning he couldn’t get up, it was time to say goodbye. Anyone that has ever really truely looked into the eyes of a beloved pet knows that there is a soul there and I could tell with Jill, Jackson, and Rebel that one day we will all be together and share our love JUST THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN.
Thank you!


Darylyn from CA