My pet rabbit Jack was a Giant Flemish who weighed 25 pounds and was such a cool pet. Jack had a kidney disease and we had to give him a saline solution 3 times a week to keep him alive. He never put up a fight and was always so calm, complacent and loving. Jack went down on Election Day last year and we had to make the decision to put him down. On Jack’s last day, he spent the afternoon in the garden eating leaves and grass and enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer day. We hugged and kissed him and wrapped him in his favorite soft blanket and brought him to the Vet’s office. The Vet gave him an injection when he was in my arms and I was telling him how brave he is and how this is the last needle he will ever have. Jack gave the Vet quite a fight but we had promised Jack that we would make the right decision when it was time. We fought to keep him alive but the time came when the fight was over and we had to let him go. This Election Day was particularly sad because my father was very sick with cancer and Alzheimer’s. He wanted to vote because he is a true American and my mother had to go in the booth with him to help him. We lost the House and Senate on that day and I mourned for my father, for Jack and for my country.

Jeannie from NJ