A couple of summers ago my college daughter was unexpectedly home for the summer and asked if she could adopt a dog. After checking out quite a few shelters she found a wonderful shelter in Huntley, Illinois, called Animal House Shelter. My daughter found “Delia”—this cute dachshund like bundle of love and my husband paid the hefty adoption fee. “Delia” became Izzy (my daughter’s favorite TV character) and after a while back at college in the fall Izzy came home to me due to my daughter’s extremely busy schedule. Since that time she’s become totally mine—and my constant companion. I don’t know what I’d do without her. We walk, talk, eat and spend every moment together. I know what you mean about the bond between our pets—Izzy seems like my Alexi (another shelter dog I adopted in 1974) reincarnated. I believe that our pets find us. God directs them to us because he loves us. God bless.

Angela from IL