In Memory

Thou you’ve gone from view,
there is a new,
Crape Myrtle tree that stands,
In memory of your time with me, and all that made you Grand.
You’re in our hearts, and there you’ll stay-
Until we meet our end.
The image of your precious face, I know we’ll see again.
The time with you was much too short, and seems to be unfair-
But, yet, somehow you’ve changed our lives,
and made us more aware-
That life is what we make it,
and each day is such a gift,
So, THANKS our precious Spritey for leaving us with this.

Dear Mr Levin and family,

Please do not be ashamed or embarrassed by shedding tears in public over your beloved Sprite. He has earned every last one of them (mostly the hard way). However, he never came to you for sympathy, he just wanted to feel your love. If people don’t understand your sorrow, even years from now, they are too shallow to worry about. They just don’t get it, and that’s sad.

Fondest Regards,
Bobbie from TX