Thank you for your book! My husband and I are avid fans of your show. We had much sympathy for you with your loss of Sprite. We lost our beloved 14 yr. old Ian right before you lost Sprite. It was not a very Happy Thanksgiving 2006. Our son brought Ian home as a puppy when he was working at a summer camp. Ian was our son’s dog, but when he graduated he started moving around, so mom and dad became Ian’s adoptive parents. Our son died suddenly in 1997, so Ian became our last physical link to our son. We dreaded the day we would lose her, because it would be losing our son all over again. The last year of her life, she had slowed down due to hip problems and arthritis, but her spirit was still young. Thanksgiving night last year, she was on a walk with my husband and our lab Hemingway. Because of Ian’s arthritis, she just walked behind without a leash. If she got tired, she would turn around and come home. She must have gotten disoriented, because she disappeared. We were frantic. She was out of sight for only 15-20 minutes but we have many trees around our house and we couldn’t find her. We looked for hours but were unsuccessful. Three days later, a neighbor found her, caught in tree limbs near a small creek. We rushed her to the emergency hospital where they were so kind to her. They cleaned her up and gave her meds. She looked so happy to see us. She smiled and gave us all kisses, but we could tell they were good-bye kisses. It was as if she said I am very tired, but I had to find you to say good-bye and I love you. The physical pain and heartbreak has eased. Your book helped tremendously. Thank you for letting me share my story. Thank you for sharing your story about Sprite and your expertise and knowledge of the Constitution and Politics. May you and your family have a very Happy and Blessed Hanukkah.

Donna from MD