I Was Given This Cute Little Pup

I Was Given This Cute Little Pup
Who Was Born With Only Three Legs
I Just Couldn’t Believe My Luck
And He Is So Cute When He Begs
His Destiny Didn’t Look Good
And He Couldn’t Be Left Alone
So I Did The Only Thing I Could
I Picked Him Up And Brought Him Home
This Angel Was Sent To Me
From My Heavenly Father Above
So I Know This Was Meant To Be
Cause He’s Just So Full Of Love
Our Time Spent Together In Training
Could Sometimes Be A Little Tough
But Even If It Was Raining
We Couldn’t Seem To Get Enough
Well This Pup Is Three Years Old Now
He Could Run a Lenghty Mile
And The Things He Does I Wonder How
But The Best Of All He Makes Me Smile

Jan from Fl