Husky-Shepard Mix

I would like to share my story about my dog. Her name was Lady. I was at work at my fire station in Parker Colorado in 1992.( I am now retired). When two little girls rang our door bell. They had this beautiful Husky – Shepard mix but she looked like a Husky. They said their father was going to take her to the Dumb Friends league. (Hate that name) If they couldn’t find a home for her. The girls said the owner moved about two months ago and she had been running the neighborhood. Called the wife and we had a new dog. She was very independent at first wanting to spend most of her time outside.

As she became used to the family she gradually let us become her family. She was a wonderful dog. She loved to lay at our feet or next t couch. As she got older issues started to develop. She started to have some hip problems, cataracts, and some kidney failure. She was on some meds and special diet dog food. Then I decided to retire from the FD on 6-1-2004. I started to take her for rides in March and April in the truck so she would be OK during the trip back to Ohio. She was never a big fan of going for rides. It was a snowy Good Friday in April and I decided to go rent some movies and have a fire in the fire place. When I returned there was Lady tangled up under the dining table. Then I saw the bloody phlem on the carpet.

I called her and she tried to get out of the legs of the chairs and table. As a Firefighter/Paramedic I knew this was not good and I was thinking she had a seizure or stroke. When I got her out from the table she began to walk into walls, furniture, etc. She finally calmed down when I held her. I called the vet and I took her to a Emergency clinic. He said she did lose her vision and couod have had as stroke but probably has a tumor.in her brain. Given her age of 14 years and her other problems there were no other options. After they started the IV I laid on the floor with her as the medicine was injection and said good buy to my best frind. Given that it was Good Friday I believe the Lord wanted his dog to come home. I miss her so to this day and her unconditional love.

John from Ohio