This is a story about Hope, literally.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I lost my beloved tripod Great Dane Bella in August. It truly broke my heart. As luck would have it, fate brought ANOTHER tripod Great Dane into my life. Her name is Hope.

Hope was part of a hoarding case in Florida. She was being fostered by a wonderful woman name Jeannine in Pensacola, who ran the Great Dane Rescue. When I saw hope, I knew it was meant to be.

Later that week I was on a plane to Florida to drive Hope back to NJ. She is 2 yrs old, missing the opposite leg that Bella was missing. My home is already set up to accommodate a handicapped dog and Hope as become a wonderful addition to our home.
My heart felt 100 lbs lighter when I saw her and knew it was meant to be.
To see Hope now, you would think she has been with me all of her life.

I am greatful for both Bella and now Hope. They have taught me patience & compassion and have brought more joy to my life than I could ever imagine.

Ronnie from New Jersey


2 Responses

  1. upnorth Says:

    bless you and all you do i wish my house was set up to help special dogs such as yours

  2. Joe Howard Says:

    I have seen many “tripod” dogs in Boulder Colorado. I am always amazed at how they seem to take their challenge in stride (no pun intended). But it is always the dogs nature to not moan and complain but just make the best of what they have. There is a great lesson there for the rest of us.