Mark yesterday you shared a story that put this 6’1″ Brinks Tech into tears that it seemed never stopped. You told the story of the Police Officer and his wife who could not have children of their own and that they had their own little bundle of canine joy. That struck a deep chord with me because my wife Lisa and I have tried to have children for 8 years and we have a little Lhasa Apso named Holly. She is our little girl. She has been there with a joyful, playful smile on days such as Mother’s/Father’s Day when all we could do was cry. I bought her as a puppy to help fill that void in our hearts for the child we couldn’t have. I know the pain that I will one day feel but you PERFECTLY captured my heart and the hearts of so many others that relate with you thru this.
Thank you Mark, you are truly a Great American!!

Scott from New Jersey