Two years ago I left my corporate job to start my own business. It is located next door to my house. I had wanted to get a dog, but would not because we were never at home. Once I started working at home I knew it was the right time. A good friend gave me a Jack Russell Terrier. We name her Holli. She was very tiny and almost did not survive. Of course it was my challenge to help her thrive. She layed in my lap every day until she was too big! Her favorite spot is on a pillow in front of the heater. Our business has grown and I have 2 new employees. One of them brings her dog to work with her. I am so thankful for Holli. The first year when I was working by myself she was my constant companion. I am thankful I had her. We have 2 more dogs now, but Holli still has the position of honor!

Cindy from AL