You described your anguish after Sprite, and related how you questioned the meaning of your professional life and your future role in it. You seeminigly contrasted negatively your feelings about what you do with “doctors, nurses, and vetinarians”; the healers, you called us. Mark, I’m a phsician, and I get a good deal of my inner strength from you, from listening to you the commentator, you the constitutional lawyer, and yes, you the dog lover. Mark, don’t for a second ever doubt that the strength that you give to us healers who listen to you is not in some way, some how, tranmitted to our patients when we do our jobs; please know that some of us do it better by our exposure to you and your ideas. You reach, and heal, more people than you could ever imagine.

We put down Higbie, our 14 year old female Shih Tsu, this past New Year. I had rescued her 6 years previously from a divorced spouse who had abandoned her following our split. Higbie had liver failure; I’m a liver doctor, and I could not help her any longer. I know your pain.

Louis from NY