Hercules and Gary Owen

Howdy sir;
Im not goiong to get into all the dogs I have had over the years, but I have had everything from Rotties to Yorkies and have fallen in love with them all. It is very painful to loose one. When I was 9 years old I had to make one of the hardest deciisions of my life. I had a dog named Hercules who had been injured and may have been able to survive, but with the loss of a front leg. I was left with the decision of whether or no to have him put down. All I could think of was how much fun he and I had running throught the wheatfields together and playing hide and seek. I decided that he probably would not be happy not being able to play that way anymore. It was hard and I have been bothered by that decision for going on 40 years now.
I actually didn’t intend to write about Herc here and I apologise if I take up to much or your time.
The dog I wanted to tell you about is the dog in the picture. His name was Gary Owen. He was an Iraqi of the finest sort. Gary was born on FOB Cobra in Iraq during OIF I. He was passed down to us during OIF III. Gary was somewhat of a freind to all 700 of us at Cobra. Nothing that should not have been going on went on without Gary letting us know. No one or no thing came across the wire and into the FOB that we didn’t know about thanks to Gary. He was one of the most loving dogs I have ever been around. Long story short, we all had a love for Gary and when the time came for us to rotate out we tried in vain to find a way to bring him back to the states. He woulld have been one heck of a farm dog. Hopefully he is still with our guys in Iraq and doing well.

Robert from Tennessee

Gary Owen