How I met my best friend.
In 1996, I worked the overnight shift at a local grocery store. One night, while on my way home, I came around a sharp curve in the road and had to stop very short to avoid hitting a stray dog. This poor animal wasn’t trying to run away, or even move from the road. I pulled the car off the road; he stopped and just stared at me. I opened up my passenger side door and said “come on boy, let’s go” to my complete surprise, he ran over and jumped into my car! I took a good look at him, and almost cried. He was emaciated, covered in dirt and fleas, and looked as if he had gone a few rounds with an animal of some kind. I took him home, bathed him about a dozen times, and set up a bed for him in the garage. When I took him to the vet the next day, I was told that he had ear mites, ear infections (both ears), intestinal parasites, and there was clear evidence of abuse. My mind was made up right then….this was my dog now. He was named Henry, due partly to where he was found…right outside the woods. He and I bonded almost immediately, and for about a year, nobody could touch him but me…he would hide behind me whenever anyone tried. He is truly the best friend I have. I hope this story will inspire others to rescue animals in need…the benefits work both ways!

I am convinced that of the two of us, Henry and I, it is I who am the fortunate one.

Mike from North Carolina


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  1. Cara Says:

    He’s lovely! You both are lucky to have each other. I too will always stop for a pet in distress.