Heidi and Abby

Our family has been blessed with two amazing dogs. We have a german shepherd-Heidi- and a mix-Abby.
Hannah (15 years old): I wrote a sonnet for english class. I decided to read it to my father and sister after we heard Mr.Levin tell his story about Sprite o the way home from school. It is titled “Woman’s Best Friend”

“Two pairs of eyes look up towards me. They glow,

With seeing the sight of me at the door.

Their excitement begins to overflow;

Loud barking, tail wagging, and tug of war.

Their companionship is like my shadow,

Always following and watching o’er me.

I never worry if they’re friend or foe.

They’re gentle like a lamb to family.

Their companionship fuels my love for them.

I care and heed as their example shows.

In my life, they are an alluring gem.

I pray that they’re ne’er required to go.

Pets are my friends. On them one can depend.

Animals truly are woman’s best friend.”

Dale found Abby (the mixed-breed) on the way home from work one winter night. She had been dropped off on our street and left there as if she was trash. She has been a wonderful blessing to our family. Dale descibes her as a clown in a dog’s body because she is so funny! She makes us all laugh every day. Abby has also become a great companion to Heidi, our German Shepherd. They get along just fine. Abby has even been able to get on good terms with our fat cat (he weighs about 20 lbs)! Her tail had been docked from the previous owners. And the little “knub” that is left is always wagging! Our family is so lucky to be blessed with Abby, Heidi, and our cat, Freckle.

The Diemer Family from Ohio
[Hayley(10), Hannah (15), Dale (50), and Laura (49)]