I have heard a lot about your new book, Rescuing Sprite. I have health problems and can’t get out much, but intend to look for it as soon as I able to do so.

I have been very deeply moved heaing you talk about it. I have seen internet pictures of both Sprite and Pepse. We had a dog named Heidi for 16 years who could easily have passed as a litter mate of Pepsi. Somewhere I have a picture of her that is in the same pose as one I have seen of Pepsi. If I ever find it and can figure out how to send it to you, I will do so. Heidi’s mother was a black lab and her father was a traveling salesman.

She was one of the smartest and most loveable dogs I have ever known. She, like Sprite had medical problems and near the end was going into9 liver failure. I knew that it was only a matter of days before she would have to be put to sleep. Luckily for our family, God did answer my prayer and she slipped away in her sleep, in one of her favorite places a day or two before the decision had to be made.

We can no longer pet her, but her memory lives on in our minds and hearts and she will never be forgotten.

Keep up the great work you do.

Maureen form Ohio

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  1. Joseph Chavez Says:

    Mr Levin,

    God Bless you brother.

    SSG Chavez, Joseph