I heard you on Sean Hannity’s show today. And I listen to your show each evening.

I want to comment on something you said to Sean and offer another view…….. from a man in his 60’s who has a strong sense of what you were – and are – going through with your loss of Sprite. Here goes……

Mark, we are tasked by God to be the custodian of the earth and all of its creatures. This obviously includes our most beloved pets and companions. Being their custodian requires tough decisions some times. Putting a beloved companion to rest is your final act of being his custodian.

Grieve his loss, yes. BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE NO GUILT. I believe God gave an approving nod at your final act as his custodian, companion and friend.

During my life I have lost cats, dogs and horses that were entrusted to me to be their companion and guardian. My latest…….
On September 7 of this year, I put to rest Hawkeye’s Spittin’ Image (“Hawkeye”), a 33 year old Appaloosa gelding that was my companion and friend for over 24 years. He was in good health and spirit until just a few days earlier when he was suddenly afflicted with a rapidly advancing lameness. After daily visits by his vet, we finally identified his affliction (DSLD) and then knew that we were powerless to stop his increasing lameness or to mitigate the pain and discomfort. Did he understand what was happening that final morning? I don’t know. But I do know that he trusted me to do the right thing, to help him the best way that I could to relieve his misery. (In 1999, he was diagnosed with failing kidneys – both of them – and only my persistence as his guardian and advocate spurred the staff at the vet hospital to go the extra mile and pull him through.) But this time, there was no saving him. Our last moments together was one of love and trust as I gently held his head to my chest while the medication that would stop his heart was administered by his vet.

I buried him here on our property along side others that have gone before him.

Is he missed? Terribly. Do I feel pain and remorse with his loss? Absolutely. Can I talk about his loss with family and friends? Finally, yes, but I have to control the conversation in order to keep my composure.

But do I feel guilt, being the one who gave the instruction to end his life? Not for a moment. It was my last act of compassion and love, as his companion and custodian. He is in a better place. Perhaps we will meet again.

As is Sprite, and you shall be with him again some day.

Take care, and God Bless.

Steve from Washington