I would like to tell you about my very dear friend Hawkeye. At 41 years old, I have had many pets, dogs and cats. But I believe that 1 over all the rest stands out just a bit more. To me, it was Hawkeye.

On Oct. 1, 1980, he was born. I was not sure he would live, long story, but I worked on him and he did live, for 16 years. At night, always by my side, a true lap cat. More so, a true dedicated friend. Through happy times, and sad like when my Mother died, he was there. He live for over half of my life at the time.

In 1994 he developed diabetes. For almost 2 years I tested him and gave adjusted insulin shots daily. He was happy, healthy and full of life. He would hear my car, cry at the window and then greet me at the door, every day. Whenever I sat down, there he was, on my lap, purring and happy.

On Oct. 21, 1996, he was not well; I took him to the vet all the while knowing what was happening. Sadly I had to put him down. At 31 years old, I had never made this decision with any pet. I was never around when they died. So this was very tuff for me and for a long while I was very upset.

Hawkeye reminded me that animal lovers can help those in need. As Mark helped he beloved dog Sprite, I helped my Garfield, Amber, Jonesy and now Hobbes. All of them either abandoned or left behind. Also I just rescued 2 cats that were cared for, but could not move with the company to its new home. Now, they have a chance at being adopted, I am very happy about it too.

My late vet wrote a very nice article about Hawkeye, she ended it with, “I hope you are happy mousing in the fields of heaven Hawkeye. You certainly deserve it………”

And someday he, along with so many other dear departed friends will be waiting for me, and we will ALL cross over the rainbow bridge into Heaven.

Mark, I am so sorry about Sprite. I know how it feels…..

Jon from NY