Little Harry came into our lives in October 2003. He had somehow appeared in our backyard one afternoon, confused and freightened. We assume he had been heartlessly abandoned. As the weeks following his arrival we took out ads in the local newspapers and posted fliers all over town that we had found their beagle. A couple of weeks after we took him in (while awaiting his owners to call and claim their lost family member) he ran out of a gate left opened by a landscaper. We were very upset but to our relief, somehow Harry found his way back to our front door 5 days later (probably came to his senses about how good he would have it with us).

We named him Harry after the famous escape artist Houdini. After months of flier posting and newspaper ads, nobody had called us to claim little Harry. We assume he had been abused as any time we tried to pet his head he would flinch with fear. His teeth were also neglected and he has a multitude of health impairments including severe allergies (inlcluding snorting and sneezing episodes) which require an expensive (but completely worthwhile) regime of medications. Harry is the trouble makers of all trouble makers, as many beagles are, but we adore him and he has garnered the nickname “Prince Harry” because of the Royal Treatment we give him. He is my little baby and has turned a grown man into a giant mush! I am blessed to have Harry in my life. I snapped this photo the day after Thanksgiving as I took a short break from reading Rescuing Sprite. I came back into my bedroom and there was Harry cozying up next to the book. I thought it was fitting! :-)

James from NY