About 2 years ago, we lost our first dog in a hit and run. Her name was Happy and she was instantly loyal to our family. It was odd and warming to us. She had quite a personality and instantly bonded with our cats. We had her for 2 yrs. She was 3 when she was hit by a van and drug down the street. She limped back to our oldest son in the front yard and died in his arms. I thought I would never recover and as I write this I am tearing up. I made the mistake of instantly trying to replace her and failed with 2 dogs that were in constant mischief and had to be taken back to the shelter. After several months I snuck back to the shelter and dared to take several dogs to the visitation room. Being a christian, I prayed for God’s will and visited with alot of dogs. One of them was a terrier mix that was a female and had a beard and hairy everywhere! I knew that she could not possibly be the one so I went home. Later my husband and I went back and he prayed as he walked amidst the cages. He said” this is the one” before he even got to this particular cage and I was afraid to look because I knew that it was the dog with the beard!! Well, she has been a Godsend to us. She is happy and loyal and just pure joy to behold. She loves all people, animals and toys. She likes cereal, grapes and popcorn. She is the perfect fit. Her name is Sundae and we thank God for her. She is our family.

Julie from IL

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  1. Carol Says:

    Oh Julie!!! I PRAY you read this!! Grapes and raisins can cause acute kidney failure in dogs.