Hans, Fritz and Heidie

I had 3 beautiful German shepherds since they were puppies, the youngest (Hans) was born at home to his mom and dad Fritz and Heidie he became the love of our lives as all of them were, so sweet beautiful full of energy and endless love, after having him nearly 10 years he developed Degenerative myelopathy I was crushed when he could no longer walk run or take giant leaps, I used to take him to my boat go for walks play in the yard and he would leap and jump on top of me on the couch all 125 lb of him, but he could no longer do so, I ripped through my heart to see him like that, I bought him a K9 Cart so he can go out and run but it wasn’t the same, he would look at me with that Innocent face and beautiful eyes and point to his hind legs as if he is saying I can’t do it dad there is nothing I can write here that can describe the pain and frustration, and Mark you taught me a new word (anticipatory grief) I know all about it but had no name for it
His condition got so bad and he lost control of his bladder and the options where none other the the most dreadful thing, I prayed and prayed to god to take him the most peaceful way so I would not have to make that decision but it didn’t happen I understand Mark when he said that I didn’t want to play god or have my baby put down I awoke at night pacing the sick feeling in my guts at the thought of it
the short version when my vet came to the house, the las moments I can never never forget, the last couple of grunts and the drug over taking my beautiful baby exploded my heart in pieces the tears and crying were only just a tiny expression of what I felt on the inside
Hans was born on Halloween night around 2AM (nov 1st) really, and was put down Sep 30 07
we still have the mom and pop Fritz and Heide Fritz is having Kidny problens now he will be 12 on Dec 5th 07 thanks for sharing and reading

Dennis from Pennsylvania