Halie was my beautiful chocolate Lab that my daughter and her new husband gave me shortly after they were married and we became empty nesters. Halie was named after my daughter (Julie) and her husband (Hank). She was a wonderful companion that my husband and I loved hiking with in the N. Georgia mountains. We loved her so much and she was a member of our family. We talked to her as she was a human, and I know she understood every word. We lost her very unexpectedly shortly after she turned eight. I, like you, Mr. Levin, was devastated and I was also depresses for 6-8 weeks. I still, to this day, think about and talk about Halie. I didn’t think I would ever want another dog, but I now have a black Lab, Jessie, whom I love very much. Dogs are wonderful companions and I fail to understand why everyone doesn’t have one. I will be taking Jessie for a walk when I get home tonight, which she loves. I think, some times, however, that she loves her tennis ball more than she does me! They aren’t w/ us long enough, so we need to cherish every moment.

Ginger from Georgia