I  have been thinking about Sprite and you and would lkie you to know something that will perhaps lift off the sadness and remorse that you have since losing Sprite. What a beautiful kind face Spite had. I’ve had my pets and lost some. But in most circumstances it was vets that have made their errors. A vet had given my three year old Teddy bear too any shots for dis-temper in which he died in three days from the damage it did to him.

I have since then been reluctant to take any of my pets to vets. Just recently our dog Gus a fourteen year old Siberian husky had a large tumor growing on the side of his stomach, When I took him to a vet, the first thing this vet wanted to do was to put him down. “No,’ I said, “I will wait and see what I can do first.” After taking Gus home I had remembered how an old farmer had told me to take a rubber band and tie it tight around the tumor so blood could not flow through it, and in a few days the tumor would fall off. This is the size of a large rubber ball. Well, I just did that- tied it up with the rubber band and put a shirt on Gus so he couldn’t lick it. I watched it as it started to separate and kept spraying it with an antiseptic. Well the tumor fell off after about 5 days. It left a large open sore. I sprayed it with the antiseptic daily and to make a long story short it healed over with smooth healthy skin. Gus is still with us, He’s now 15 years old and in great health. I think vets are too eager to put animals down. And then if they do talk people into it, it only leaves the owner of their beloved pet with nothing but grief and guilt.

I want you to know that it was not your fault that this happened, but the vet should of allowed Sprite to live or die in Gods hand naturally. Vets do this to pet owners more than you know by talking them into putting their pet down. When perhaps there may be a chance that sometimes they can survive. Like me, you are for Life Not death, and now you have your other dogs, who love you too , but I think in your own mind that you will let them go naturally next time and not some vet giving them a lethal injection. I found their are antibiotics I can and do give my dogs and cats when needed,. When you do everything you can to keep them alive, because that is what you wanted for your Sprite, you may come to realize that if any of your pets gets sick you will try to restore their health, but you Never again will let a Vet talk you into eliminating its life, but instead will let him live as long as the good Lord is willing.

C.L. from VA