Grizz and Babe

I am only to familiar with the loss of a dog, but not really a pet it IS a family member! As loved and close as a child. My wife and I have lost two in the last two years. Our chocolate lab Grizz was our red headed step child he would hide food and irritate the other two yellow labs as a pup. He alway vied for attention and would want to be the center of attention. He had cancer in his blood and we nursed him for almost a year. Our vet worked with us to give him as much time as possible. Now were were down to two yellow labs. Our female Babe was a rescue that was near death when we got her from the animal shelter. She had been drug behind a pickup and was in very bad shape. Because of donations from the community and the vet we were able give her several years of good life. A few months after Grizz was released from his pain Babe had a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Babe was the other woman in my life. My wife would often say if Babe had two legs she would have to take her out.

Babe was my girl she would always want to be in control and keep every one in line. On walks she would make sure the other dogs in the park wold stay in line. But if a dog barked at her she would come back to us and not know what to do about it. We came home to find Babe had died on the bathroom floor, It still hurts to know that she died alone. Two dogs gone in less than a year now Sam he is the oldest of the three. We found out last week that he has cancer in the lymph nodes. Sam has always been the baby of the bunch he was brought home as a pup and has alway been a puppy rolling on the floor and playing. Sam is the stick dog and must have a stick in his mouth when on walks. He loves to swim and share a taste of our dinner. He is 13 now and has ground his teeth down and his joints in his hips are bad. He needs a lift into the pickup and help down to save his joints. Sam will not fight for a stick when I throw a stick in the creek and another dog gets it Sam will resort to diving for water logged sticks because the other dogs will not dive for it. Our vet says we can extend his life for a few more months. We will hold on for as long as we can. All this started with Buster our first yellow lab he still holds a very special place in our hearts and others who knew him.

My best story about Buster was when at a little league game a little girl about 4yrs old shared a lolly pop with him. One lick for the girl and next thing I see she holds her hand out and Buster has her hand in his mouth past her wrist. After about 5 minutes mom sees whats going on and has a bit of a fit. Buster did not mind her slobber at all so what was the fuss about? Buster was lost to a Brain tumor and was visited and missed by everyone on the block. The picture is of Sam last summer. BTW the stick is about 40lbs and water logged.

John from CA