Griffin is a 4-year old Golden Retriever. He has a special job as a Certified Therapy Dog. He visits hospitals, nursing homes, and reads with children in a remedial reading classroom. In the hospital, Griffin has shown a special talent of finding where patients are feeling pain. He puts his head there and rests it gently, trying to comfort him/her. He has done this time and time again bringing tears to the staff, patient, and occupational therapy students who accompany us on our visits. He has inspired children to read over the years by bringing them a new excitement and interest in reading, while giving them a soft, warm, unconditional affection that cannot equal any other. He is truly a gift and he keeps on giving and giving and givng in his own unconditional way, never looking for anything in return but love and attention. He has followed in the footsteps of Cody, our first Golden Retriever Therapy Dog, who I believe left his wonderful spirit behind to keep his work going through Griffin.

Donna from CT