Gracie,Delta and Trevor

I have adopted three animals-which I love very much-from the Animal Shelter (two cats-Gracie and Delta, and one dog-Trevor). Trevor happens to be my Doberman, and I have no idea what I will do when I no longer have him around.

Jeff and I had the opportunity to adopt Trevor when he was about 9 months old-on 25 April 2000. I remember how pitiful this dog looked. He was skin and bones, and by no means looked 9 months. He was scared of everything, and still is.

You see, Trevor was actually rescued by the people at the Ardmore Animal Shelter. Basically, he was Pit Bull bait, when he was rescued. The horrible people who had him would put him in a cage with a Pit, in order to train the Pit to fight. Trevor was severely beaten by his handlers due to a lack of “fight” and he was severely malnourished. Most of the times these bait dogs will be killed by the pit, or the handler. Fortunately Trevor was not.

Anyway, since the adoption life has significantly changed for Trevor. He has a loving home. He is very well fed, and get a good amount of excercise every day-I take him on a 3 mile run every morning. By looking at Trevor you would never know that his life started out a living hell. There are things that we see in him, that are symptomatic of injuries that he sustained at the hell hole he came from. He is scared of everything and extremely needy, and sometimes he will shake uncontrollably. The bathroom is a room that he is terrified to go near, and if anyone raises their voice he runs to a different room and shivers-this does not have to be a voice raised at him. Trevor is a happy dog, though.

It is so important for people to understand the responsibilities that go along with having animals-be they dogs or fish. So many times animals are neglected, because the rush to get an animal is often not completely thought out. You have to treat them as if they were a member of the family (which in all honesty, they are). It is also so vitally important to have your animal spayed or neutered, to control the pet population (I know that that sounds like Bob Barker, but it is so true). These animals did not ask to be born, and it is so cruel to have pet overpopulation. This leads to many pets being euthanized for no other reason than they were not wanted.

I am definately not a bleeding heart (ask any family member), and I abhor PETA. However, support of the local animal shelter is a good cause to get behind. I would recommend everyone go to your local animal shelter, when considering a new pet. This month at the Armore animal shelter, all dog and puppy adoptions are , and this includes altering (spay or neuter) if the animal has not already been. I would also encourage everyone to think before they get a pet. This is a living creature that is fully dependent on your love and nurturing.

Brandi from Oklahoma