Dear Mark ~ Thank you very much for rekindling my husband’s and my memories of our “Adoption Experience”! A few years ago we received a call from a friend who heads up the English Springer Spaniel Rescue in Frisco, Texas. She asked us to pick up a Springer for her at the Shelter in Arlington ASAP. (She was a pilot for FedEx and was in flight!) Bill and I got to the shelter within 1 hour. This beautiful liver & white Springer was only 30 minutes away from being euthanized! While driving back to our home my husband looked over his shoulder where the dog and I were sitting in the back seat and said, “Dog! You have NO idea how close you just came to being history! You have been saved by GRACE!” Guess what? We kept her and she is truly the epitomy of a BEST FRIEND… We believe that she sensed that her death was iminent… We love her so much ~ BUT, I think her love for us goes above & beyond anything that we could EVER comprehend!!!!! I’m sending you a picture of our “Gracie”… Hugs to you ~ Donna P.S. I picture Sprite sitting up in Heaven on God’s lap… If you say another prayer, I believe God will relay your love to Sprite AND give him a hug for you… That’s how God is, you know…


Donna from Nevada



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  1. Ginny Werkmeister Says:

    What a beautiful Springer! Rescued dogs are very intelligent and truly know how much they owe their new “people”. And they always pay them back in the purest love any human can experience. I’ve rescued several over the years and it was always the same.