My wife and I adopted Goblin from a local shelter, he was already named Goblin because someone had found him on Haloween. We had to treat him for heartworms but he came through that just fine. He became deathly afraid on thunderstorms and would literally chew through our chain link fence to escape. He usually did not go far but one time he did not come back and my wife and I spent several anxious days looking for him. He had been missing for four or five days and I was lying in bed one night about 3 a.m. when a sensation came over me that I had never before experienced and I knew at that moment that he was o.k. and that I would find him. Two days later I went back to the pound and there he was. He lived for several more years and at 13 got cancer and we had to put him down. As I sat on the floor at the vets with his head in my lap The feeling of peace that came over me as he passed was almost overwhelming. I knew at that time that his soul was gone and he was no longer suffering.

Marty from Georgia