Hi Mark,

I feel for you and your loss. Gizzy was a best friend to me for 15 years. He was always there when I needed him and always seemed to have a smile on his face to the very end. He and I were unseparable. I’ll never forget the day I had to make the dreadful decision that every animal lover has had to make or will make in their lives. Like you, I went through weeks of depression and the feeling of guilt that I was selfish and was playing God. I realize it was for his good but that still doesn’t make it any easier.

The feeling of walking in the house the first time and him not being there to greet me at the door was also something I will never forget. I just sat on the floor in the middle of living room and just cried. I vowed not to get another animal again because I did not want to go through this again.

I have since rescued two kittens from the vet hospital my girlfriend works for. They were unwanted and were going to be euthanized because of broken legs. One of them was kicked and the other was thrown out of a moving vehicle in a plastic bag. Today, you would not know the difference.

Gizmo will always hold a special place in my heart as Sprite will always hold a special place in yours and your families.

Here he is with his usual look on his face. Always ready for his next adventure with me.

John from Massachusetts