My son said that “Gizmo” won the billion dollar dog lottery. He came to live with us on our 20 acres – lived out his 14 years with us in peaceful surroundings. My wife and I were fortunate enough to be with nearly all the time. He kept us warm in bed and laughing at his attempts to catch the crows and chipmunks. Arthritis, weight loss and weakness from kidney failure finally rold us it was time to end his life. Still alert, He went with the same grace in which he lived. It’s been nearly three weeks now, and the pain is still intense. I’m walking the trails alone, but it isn’t the same…we miss this wonderful animal.

Byron from OR

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  1. Ami Says:

    Your Gizmo looks just like my Bear who I had for 11 years………My broken heart, our broken hearts. I lost him almost 3 years ago. I know your pain all too well. My other sweetie died a few weeks ago, like yours. We too had to end his life. It was HORRIBLE and still is. Just know, there is someone out here thinking of you, hurting with you and praying for & with you. Be gentle with yourself (a lesson I had to learn quickly)in this difficult time. With much love, Ami