I met Gingerkitty when she was a kitten back in 1988 and at the time I thought she belonged to the next door neighbors.

I was not until the neighbors were moving that I found out she was a stray that hung out at their house and ate the dog food they put down outside for their dogs.

Well little Gingerkitty had been a really nice kitten that loved to be picked up and petted so I thought what’s one more kitty around more or less ( I had a dog Bentley and another kitty Shadowboy). That’s how Gingerkitty became part of the family of a single divorced guy two kittys and a pooch.

Not long afterward Bentley went to live with a friend on a ranch where she loved to run and sniff for bunnies but poor Shadowboy was killed by an owl, which left me with Gingerkitty.

One of the worst days of my life is when my old buddy died at age 19 on new years day of 2007.

Gingerkitty was laid to rest under her favorite bush where she watched birds.

I, like Mark with Sprite, thought I would never want to adopt a pet again but not long afterward I went to the local kitty shelter and adopted Zoe.

I bought and read “Rescuing Sprite” it brought back the feelings I had about loosing Gingerkitty but I am glad I read it.

Bob from AZ