I was listening to the Sean Hannity Show a couple weeks ago when Mark was on and shared about te book he wrote;”Rescueing Sprite”. I knew that I had to read it because I too lost a very precious dog 6 years ago. When I read it I could relate 100% to what he was saying. My Ginger was more than my little girl, she was also my best friend. When we had her put to sleep I know in my heart that it was the best thing for her but like Mark, I questioned myself afterward. I felt like I could have done something different then she would have lived. But there was nothing more that I could have done that I did not already do, the same thing Mark did, stay close to her and love her, keep her comfortable as possible. The tough part though is that Ginger had doggie alzheimers and I do not think that she remembered me because when I hugged her she did not return my hugs, she just layed there stareing straght ahead. But I knew her. I loved her with my whole being and will never forget her

Cheryl from PA