I just finished Rescuing Sprite. What a wonderful read. I laughed, I cried…. and I remembered. You put into words the heartbreak, sadness and loss we feel at the death of our precious pet. You also conveyed the joy and happiness that loving a dog brings. For me, it was Ginger. A Llhasa apso/shitzu mix. We were privileged to have her 13 years. My older 2 children were preschool and diaper age when she arrived. She was with us in our starter apartment, moved with us to a duplex rental and finally to the home we are in now, in the country. We had 2 more children along the way and Ginger was a little mother to them when they were young. There was something special about Ginger. Other animals picked up on it. The pasture next to our property had cattle on it. When I walked Ginger, she would go to the edge of the fencing separating her from the cattle. Inevitably a cow would amble over to us and sniff Ginger nose to nose. Other cows would come as if to say hello to her. They would sniff noses and stay nearby as long as Ginger was there. I know for a fact they didn’t do that with other dogs. Ginger also loved people. She never met a stranger. She chose me as her special person. She shadowed me through the day and relished when I gave her attention. She loved playing with the children, and they with her. The day came when she began to have a slight limp. It turned out to be cancer of the bone. We were given the option to amputate her leg and buy her about 6 more months, or let it be and run its course. Finances dictated the latter, however we worked closely with the vet with pain meds when they were needed toward the end. I knew when it was time. Ginger knew it. She was ready before I was. On a beautiful fall day in September 2004, I held her in my lap under the shade of a mature oak tree. The morning was poetic it was so beautiful. Our vet graciously and compassionately gave her the injections. I was able to look into her beautiful, insightful, soulful eyes and tell her goodbye. I thanked her for the love and faithfulness she had given to us. I thanked her for being my best friend for so many years. After it was over I was overcome with grief. I wept and wept and wept. She was so special. Your book brought it back. I was privileged to have known her, loved her and be loved in return by her.


After about a year, my husband surprised me one afternoon with Harley!! Harley is a black and white rat terrier. I quickly learned he was not Ginger…..and that was okay. Harley has filled our home with love and laughter. He LOVES his walks. He knows where his leash is stored and goes to the drawer regularly and begs. It’s precious, but also guilt inducing if you can’t take him for a walk at the time! He brings his toys to us for us to throw, or better yet, play tug-of-war….his all time favorite game! We recently rescued an adorable black and white kitten we named Lexi. Lexi adores Harley. They are precious to be around. Harley loves to play with her….and he is very gentle with her. Instinctively he knows not to be rough. He amazes me. Lexi came from a shelter and within a month we were at the vet several times for a cold, then ringworm as well as her booster shots. She’s started out high maintenance, but I’ve no regrets. They are a sweet pair. Mark, thanks again for sharing your story. My heart is warm and full with loving memories.


Jane from TX