We have rescued all of our animals. We have Gina who is Shepard/Husky cross. She was born in the projects and her sister was killed when she was kicked down the stairs. Fortunetly we got Gina before she met the same fate. She is the very best dog I could ever hope for. Then we found Charlie. He is a little bitty Lhasa Apso that was found by a friend wandering her neighborhood in an ice storm. We have had him for three years and he and Gina are the best of friends. Our last rescue was our horse, Scooter. He is a five year old Quarter Horse that was surely on his way to the meat factory because of a bad foot. We have had him for a year and he is truly my best friend. We have worked with his foot intensely and now he is fine and I ride him all the time. Thank you Mark for your book. I can’t wait to read it.

Kathy from CT