German Shorthair Pointer

We had not had a dog and the kids were 13 and 10 in the late 90s. My wife saw an ad that a family in the coastal town of Astoria Oregon had a german shorthair pointer that they had to give away because he was a goof off and it was affecting the training sessions of the other pointers. So without me knowing abvot it, she and the kids drove to
Astoria and got him. Hooch was a strapping big boy and when I got home from work, they told me they had a surprise. In walked my daughter with Hoochy and he came over to me and put his head in my hand and from that moment forward we were totally inseperable. He was big for the breed…about 105 #s but gentle as a kitten, totally obedient, loyal, smart as a whip. He was a fantastic pal and after we had him for about 4 years or so he got sick with some kind of cancer and we had to put him down. We were devistated and within a week we decided to see if we could rescue another GSP (German Shorthair Pointer). So my wife found a site where you input your zip code and state how far you would be willing to go to save a GSP. After just a day or two we got an e-mail from a shelter in Wenatchee Washington stating that a GSP had wandered in out of the woods and been taken to the shelter. This was Ike and one look at the picture and we were in the car and on our way about 225 mile up to Wenatchee to get the guy. He is our ultimate buddy today. Totally trained, does not bark unless there is a threat, happy as a clam, always wants to play, totally loyal, incredibly intelligent…just an amazing dog. It took us about 2 minutes to train him how to go out and get the paper among other things. Just an amazing dog and an incredible breed. I would encourage some of your listeners and readers to consider rescuing a GSP. They are fantastic family pets and very clean and obedient. The ttached pics are Hooch, our first GSP, and Ike our current buddy. Thanks for all you do on all fronts Mark.

Mark from OR