Gennie and Sherman

My late husband had two dogs, Sherman and Gennie, when we married, I had two cats. They never really got to the level of being friends. The week before my husband Joe died, the cats and dogs instisted on sitting on the couch with Joe four nights in a row. Now these dogs and cats did not even enter the same room, let alone sit on the same couch. Looking back I know they knew Joe would be dying and wanted to be with him. Joe died the next week. that was in October 2006. Joe had been battling kidney diesease. Gennie and Sherman showed how much they missed Joe by not eating, not wanting to be picked up by anyone else and within four months Gennie died and this past September Sherman had to be put down for kidney faliure. Those two little dogs love their master so much, they did not want to live without him.
I know some where in heaven there is a place for pets and owners to be together again. Sherman and Gennie deserves to be with their Joe.

Anna from GA