Mark, today I sent you my story about my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Gazebo. I had to share this with you as well, and perhaps, you can share this w/your radio listeners too. My fiance’ Joe, wrote me this poem after Gazebo passed. It’s beautiful and I hope you will love it as much as I do….
My Life With Lisa
The nights by the foot of your bed, do you remember as you gently slept with your hand touching my head?
The sounds of the cabinet door opening for my morning snack. When you came home to my kissing and licking attacks.
Holding me in your arms or playing with me on the lawn. Putting me to bed followed by a great big doggie yawn.
Fifteen years side by side, through it all. Picking me up the last few months as I would often fall.
You were there for me as only you could be, I will love you forever and ever you see.. I would not been happy with anyone else, cause you were my one and only, I was never afraid, sad, neglected or lonely.
My life was long and full with joy and peace. I only ask that your memory of me will never cease,
But I pray you now to let me rest, Thank you Lisa for making my end so relaxing, for that I’m truly blessed…. Dear Master you were simply the best…

written with love by Joe

Thank you again Mark.. For this YOU are truly the best.

Lisa from NJ