well I have a little story about a dog of mine named Garth. That was the name the people gave him when he was born and I kept that name. Garth is an alaskin/sieberin husky. He topped out at 100 pounds. I also know that there is a connection between people and their dogs. One day Garth got loose and he was gone. Days went by I looked all over for him it was early march the temps at night went from 5 to 10 below 0. One week to the day that he went missing that evening while driving home from work a feeling came over me. the closer I got to home the stronger it got. Then it hit me GARTH is home! I had no phone call saying so. W

hen I got home he was in the garage. True stroy. The day he pasted away was bad. I noitced one day late in the evening that his head had swollen up. I brought him in the house and he just wanted to lay down. I kept telling him that its ok while wiping his face with a damp wash cloth. He made it through the night. I washed his face again went to grab a cup of coffee for the road and in that 30 seconds he pasted away at 6:00 am july 12 of 05. The hardest thing I had to do was to bury him right away. I cryed for 3 days. To this day on the 12th of july at 6:00 am I go to where he buried and talk to him. I hope that doesn’t sound strange. I also can not cut the grass over him to this day. Now I have 2 pure breed huskies Max and Jake also an alaskin maluinit Reggie that I got from the animal shelter in Kalkaska MI and a aliskin husky from the animal shelter in Traverse City MI.

Steve from MI