Garbo the Wonder Dog

On a warm summer morning, in the back of a truck
Were five lonely puppies down on their luck
They whimpered despondent . . . my daughter chose one

Moving into the household, quiet and tame
We sat in the kitchen and picked out her name
And so to my family a new member came
T’was Garbo the Wonder Dog

She was blacker than night time with four golden socks
Fat, dumb and ugly- she slept in a box
But she grew to a beauty, a floppy eared fox
Was Garbo the Lovely Dog

Over protective, but gentle as well
Sweet as molasses and meaner than hell
A vigilant guardian, and smart you could tell
Was Garbo the Noble Dog

Garbo baby, lapping a pan full of gravy
Launching her eyebrows up to the sky
And poking her nose to ask why

She was quite a young lady, she learned all the laws
Bathed every evening. She licked at her paws
With a teddy bear clenched softly inside her jaws
Sat Garbo the Mother Dog

And although she was careful, a friend without fail
She knocked over everything with her happy tail
Through man-caves and forests, and any old trail
Strode Garbo the Mountain Dog

Dog dream, dog dream . . . kicking her legs in a dog dream
Dog dream, dog dream
Jumping through fences, wading through brooks
Rooting out rabbits and tracking down crooks

An Expert on camping, she swam in the lake
She conquered Vancouver, the Bellingham Strait
And over the water,
The Canadian Gate
Sailed Garbo the Ferry Dog

All through California’s Redwoods ran the Bonz
And to the Pacific; the largest of ponds
She played on the coastline and chased off the waves
Did Garbo the Ocean Dog

She rolled in the grass, territory she’d mark
She ran off a Grizzly at Yellowstone Park
Yummy sounds from the table often led to a bark
From Garbo the Hungry Dog

She warded off thunder And snapped at the rain
But the cancer was sudden, and the answer was plain
Limping into the sunset, one journey remained for
Garbo the wonder dog

Tom from NM