Just wanted you to know that my family had to put our dog FRIEND down the day after your book came out in stores yesterday. With you and your friends talking about this it was a little easier for me to help my girls deal with the loss. Friend was 16 yrs old Skipakete he was trained to be a compainion dog for my handicap daughter, he even dialed 911 when needed, my husband and i couldn’t even yell at my girls he protected them. We just put my mother in Hospic care, reason for you to know that is she never went to any of my kids activites except the day of Graduation of Friend from a dog training school where he recieved a titile of Assist Dog. I believe that Friend will be there when my mother passes to help her when she passes on, this helps me to understand the whole death seen. My daughter dose not understand where Friend is but no;s he is going to help Nana late and is with her friend Dana who passed several years ago. Thank you for writing your book. Oh yes i forgot we do have another dog named TAZ Friend picked her out at the Annapolis SPCA a few years ago when we brought TAZ home we realized she was deaf my other daughter taught her sign langange yes sign langange and now my daughter is training a bird to be a assist bird dialing 911 and much more. She also is a dog trainer so see Friend changed our life for the best by giving us his uncondisial love. His real name is
Heaven sent my FRIEND
Love Shirley from Maryland