Fred, Barney, & Maggie Mae

I just read your great book. What a great story. First I lost my Fred and then Got Maggie Mae to keep Barney busy. Fred and Barney I got together as puppies we got them at the shelter .My husband said you can have one , but we have to think it over night,well by the time I nagged so much he said if you shut the hell up you can have them both.Next day I went home with my (boy`s) Well guess what Fred turned out to be a girl.But the name stayed.It was alway`s a funny story to tell .Bless there heart`s there fishing with Grandpa Don in heaven.We miss them Maggie Mae miss`s Barney .But Maggie has us and the grandkid`s oh yes Mark she is a girl.I read your book and could feel your pain.Love and hug`s to you your wife and kid`s.

Sharon from TX