Fred and Frank

Fred (black) and Frank (brown) are very special dogs to my wife and I. Fred came into our lives when I was 15 and just starting to date Tracy. My parents adopted him and he became my best buddy. Fred would always be waiting at the door for me when I got home, no matter how late is was. There was always a spot on my bed for my buddy. When I moved away to college and was only home on the weekends, Tracy adopted Frank to keep her company. When I came home to visit, both of the dogs would be waiting for me and loved having me home.

After graduating college, I decided to answer the call and join the US Army. Frank dealt with it very well. Fred, however, went into depression and stopped eating for a week. He eventually bounced back though. In March of 2007, Tracy and I finally got married after a 9 year relationship. Both dogs were happy to have me home for two weeks. Leaving home for Ft. Bragg two weeks later was the hardest day of my life. I think that Fred knew I would not be coming home for a very long time. One month later I would be in Bagram, Afghanistan. Since leaving, Frank has kept Tracy company and been very loving to her. He is doing a good job. Fred has developed a heart condition that no vet can seem to figure out. I often wonder if he feels that I abandoned him. He holds on yet today, but I fear that his time is short. God willing, he will still be there when I return home in April. I can’t help but feel that my buddy Fred is an unsung casualty of the war, a good dog whose heart was broken when he watched his best friend go off to fight. I hope I am not right.

Adam from NC