Just the other day, Tuesday the 6th to be exact, my wife and I were faced with that dreadful decision.
“Foster” joined our family in 1995 and announced his presence as he walked passed our sofa and used it as a fire hydrant. He quickly regained my acceptance as one of our other five family members, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bird. Foster was the “Big Boy” of the house. He became my wife’s best friend as he was her guard dog and partner.
One thing about Foster, as with most large dogs, is that he was terrified of thunderstorms. I remember one stormy night I awoke with my head just drenched with sweat. I raised up wondering ‘What Tha …’ and there was Foster, all 115 pounds of him, wrapped around where my head had laid.
Foster was our best friend, teacher and companion. When my wife’s sister passed, we adopted her Dachshund. Foster taught her the ropes of our routine and whipped her into shape. Oh, she was very bad when we got her, but Foster did well with her.
Some might say that Foster was the ugliest dog they had ever seen, but how can anyone resist those large alluring eyes. Catahoulas are wonderful dogs.

This isn’t the first pet that we have had to put down, but it was different with the others. The thing that hurts the most is that Foster was still very alert and responsive. The Big Boy’s hips had just finally gotten to the point that he couldn’t even carry himself. It’s so sad that these wonderful animals don’t outlive us, but that was God’s intent. Why, I don’t know.
Foster will always be remembered and very close to our hearts. Rest In Peace Big Boy.
I thought I would share a view of our other babies. They are all very special. And of course that’s Foster on top with my distraught wife in the background along with the vet nurse to her left. Clockwise from left to right is Princess and our newest ‘Curtis’, Larry with his buffalo wing, another of Curtis, Pretty Boy in the ball cap (Should say Clinton Happens!), Boo sitting on Sally’s cage, and lastly Buster and Timmy.
Thank You Mark for bringing so passionately as you do to the forefront, the things that many people cherish and love. I am very sorry for your losses. Warning, it doesn’t get any easier.

From a great fan,

Bob from Arlington TX

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  1. Linda Zappa Says:

    Your story touched my heart. Im halfway into Mark’s book and sharing with my husband. He said.. buy Kleenex.