This will be short. In 1973 my dad, who was then stationed at the Pentagon, came home in his military uniform carrying his government issued briefcase and in the corner of his arm was this small little fuzz ball. We named her Fifi, a beautiful angora kitten with big green eyes. For the next 17 years she was a major part of my growing up. From junior high all the way through college. Then one day she started getting sick and I finally had to put her to sleep. The thing that scared me the most was that my reaction to the death of my cat was so painful that I wondered how on earth I will be able to handle the death of my parents and or my two bothers and my husband. I was devistated by the lose of Fifi. I’m having a hard time listening to your podcast at work because I just want to start crying. I plan to order several of your book for friends who have lost great pets.

Jeanette from MT